Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard

The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED) will monitor and evaluate energy consumption of new highly energy efficient multi-family residences at Frederick Place Apartments and two Habitat for Humanity homes built after the tornado. Two Habitat homes were selected and the grant funded the installation of solar panels on each home. They were designed to be “net zero” so the homeowners in some months would have electric bills that are in excess of the electricity generated by the solar panels. In some months, the solar panels will generate more power than consumed and home owners will receive a credit on the electric bill.

Commercial Bank West Liberty that was destroyed in the tornado was rebuilt and is certified as LEED Gold. The bank has 30 wells drilled for a renewable geothermal system. The EEED will monitor and display the energy usage at the bank, the four units at Frederick Place Apartments and the two “net zero” Habitat homes. One additional older home in the county will also be connected to the dashboard. Videos are available to provide teachers and students utilizing the energy efficiency curriculum.